Ebook Formatting
Basic $299*
Custom Custom quote (for nonfiction or over 65,000 words beginning at $399)
Copyediting 1 to 2 cents per word
Developmental Editing 5 cents per word or more
Proofreading $250 for up to 80,000 words**
Cover Design
Basic $250
Custom $350 and up
Book Trailers
Basic $200
Custom Custom quote
Elaborate Custom quote $2,000

*.*For fiction manuscripts up to 65,000 words. Custom quotes for nonfiction available.
**Proofreading service only available for manuscripts we have copy edited.


To format your Word manuscript as an ebook, the charge for basic services is $199. We can also work with other file formats—contact us to learn more. The basic services include formatting the following elements:

  • Cover image placement
  • Linked table of contents
  • Chapter design
  • Up to 3 images (in addition to the cover) inserted

Your manuscript will be formatted for all the major ereaders including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, and more. Nonfiction titles and projects with more images, tables, and special layout requirements will be reviewed and you will receive a written estimate before work begins. Contact us for your estimate.


Copy editing, also called line editing, includes a thorough check of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and usage. Our editors use Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition.

We edit your manuscript using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word so that you can decide whether to accept each recommendation. We also return a clean file with all changes accepted for your convenience, as well as a marked-up file.

Fiction Copyediting

For fiction titles, we will create a custom style sheet based on your setting, characters, and the style decisions. Our prices range from one to two cents per word.

Nonfiction Copyediting

Nonfiction varies widely, so we will give you a firm estimate once we read a portion of your manuscript.

Developmental Editing

Developmental or substantive editing focuses on issues of organization, style, voice, character development, and more. Developmental editing begins at five cents per word.


A final proofing will result in a professional quality ebook. Books that are traditionally published are carefully read and revised at least four times and in some cases many more.  It is important to have more than one editor read your manuscript. Because we want to make this service affordable, we are only charging $150 for a final proofing for authors who have used our copy editing services. Payment is due before we begin proofing. We will have a different editor proofread your book for typos, spelling errors, and formatting issues.

Contact us for your editing estimate.

Cover Design

Prices may vary depending on what type of elements are used—illustrations or photography—and the degree of complexity. Every job will require a custom quote. Cost includes one stock image: each additional image is extra, generally around $10 a piece.

All final cover designs are created to eBook specifications and multiple sizes for different ebook formats will be provided at no extra cost. All designs are work for hire and no royalties will be due.

Basic Design
Simple elements include a single image with title and author. Two to three options will be presented as rough drafts. One round of changes and one round of fine-tuning are included. 

Custom Design
Some cover need special treatment to convey a clear message. This could include illustration, Photoshop retouching or composing, or special type treatment. Two to three rough compositions or sets of elements will be presented before illustration or Photoshop work begins. Two sets of changes and one round of fine-tuning are included.

Contact us for your cover design estimate.

Book Trailers

We will help you storyboard your idea for a book trailer that will intrigue potential readers.

  • Simple Trailer: a book cover with text narration and music (we provide royalty-free music).
  • Basic Trailer: a voice-over with additional images.
  • Elaborate Trailer: video and high production values.

All trailers will be posted to the eFrog Press YouTube channel and you will receive a copy of the file. We will also show you how to  embed the video in your blog or website.$200- $2,000 depending on complexity

Contact us for your ebook trailer estimate.