Ebook Publishing Services

Take the leap into ebook publishing!

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The secret weapon published authors rely on is a highly experienced, professional book editor. We provide a trained book editor with years of experience in a traditional publishing house to ensure your book does not have distracting typos, misspellings, or (horror!) grammatical errors. Our editors will copyedit your manuscript, develop a custom style sheet, and craft a detailed memo with suggestions for further development. Proofreading and developmental editing are also available.

Cover Design

Your book needs a cover designed for the ebook market—not one with amateurish art or fonts too fuzzy to read in the online catalog. Once a reader is intrigued by your custom cover—designed by an illustrator with years of graphic design experience—you will need compelling copy (written by our copy editors) to encourage customers to click “buy.”

Social Media Coaching

How do you market your ebook so your readers can find you? Both online veterans and the technology intimidated will benefit from social media coaching geared at selling your title. You don’t need to use every social media platform out there (you want to save some time to write your next book), but you do want to use the platform you choose effectively. We can show you how with one-on-one coaching!

Ebook Trailers

Want to leapfrog ahead? Consider a book trailer—just like a movie trailer but instead promoting your ebook. Our producer is a graphic artist, musician, and composer.  A 30-second book trailer can help your ebook stand out from the competition.