Book Testimonials


A historical fiction, five-book series, An American Saga

Staircase to Liberty by Richard FitchenSpecial thanks to my publisher, Linda Scott, for directing professional editors and proofreaders who polished each story and for coordinating my wishes with a professional cover artist. Linda also proposed the series name and logo, published ebook and print editions on Amazon Books, and created my website at

Richard Fitchen, author of Staircase to Liberty, Justice on Trial, United by Covenant, Republic in Triumph, and coming Fall 2016, Proof of Concept


Regency Romance from Editing to Publication

eFroBostonTanglefinal10.11.2015_73by110g Press has mastered the art of empowering the writer. I write Traditional Regency Romance, a subgenre with precise parameters of tone and conventions. Attention to detail is essential when writing for this niche market. At eFrog Press, I can depend on professionals who extend that attention to detail to the entire production of my book. My editor, proofreader, interior designer, and cover designer, under Linda Scott’s expert oversight, produced an elegant book that is artistically coherent, one on which I am proud to place my name.

Judith Lown, author of Boston Tangle: Regency Comes to America


A memoir from start to finish

Born StromgThere are numerous people I would like to thank for helping to make this book a reality. There are really too many individuals to list, but I will mention a few. Thanks to my publisher, Linda Scott, who encouraged and assisted me at every stage with her heart and passion; and my editor, Julie Bawden-Davis, whose magical writing made my voice clear and audible. My story could not be told as truly without her amazing skill.

Dr. Paul Lam, author of Born Strong: From surviving the great famine to teaching tai chi to millions


Biographies for Young People

EastmanCover_200wideL. C. Scott and eFrog Press has been instrumental in helping me restart my writing career.  I am a biographer and I write for young adults.  Over the past eighteen months, I have published two books with eFrog Press.  L. C. patiently guided me through every step in the process and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She has also helped me build a presence on the web with my website and blog Every Life Has a StoryI look forward to working with eFrog Press in the future.

Lynda Pflueger, author of several biographies for children


A scholar shares her research

Integrating Capacity and StrategyeFrog Press has worked with me on the Handbook for Next-Generation Grantmakers and Grantees and has made the publication process a breeze. Linda is my point person, but behind the scenes she coordinates with a talented and creative production team. She has been my one-stop shopping for editing, copy editing, layout and design. I highly recommend working with her.

C.R. Hibbs author of Integrating Capacity and Strategy: A Handbook for Next-Generation Grantmakers and Grantees, The Stanford Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society.


A children’s author and writing instructor

Secret of the WoodI do not feel like just another author client while working with eFrog Press; on the contrary, I feel like a valued contributor to their selective list of books. The quality of their books distinguishes eFrog from a typical vanity press that will publish anyone with money to spend, and this makes me feel proud that my book was added to their list. The service continues after the release of my ebook, with assistance in the management of my social media and my optimal marketing plan. Linda  Scott’s tech-savvy, creative approach is enhanced by her patience with people like me, who need hand-holding through the sometimes confusing web world. I highly recommend that professional authors interested in an autonomous publishing experience should submit their works to eFrog Press.

Thanks, eFrog, for helping me leap into the ebook world!

S. L. Lipson, author of The Secret in the Wood,  for ages 8-12.

A nonfiction author

The Strawberry StoryI am the author of seven books—four of which were published through large publishing houses. I decided to self-publish my last two books with the help of eFrog Press and was thoroughly impressed with the expert assistance I received. The folks at eFrog Press provide ultra-personalized service that resulted in highly professional books that have earned me more money than my traditionally published ones. At eFrog Press, they know all of the ins and outs of publishing to Amazon and are able to assist you in making your book a success, including ebook and print design and fabulous looking covers.

 Julie Bawden Davis is an editor and writer who has authored more than 1,500 articles for a wide variety of publications.

An award-winning picture book author

Twas the Late Night of ChrsitmasI can’t thank eFrog Press enough for all they did, designing our book, editing it, finding a wonderful promotion person and helping create a professional you-tube video.  Our book was both print and e-book and Linda and all the people we worked with couldn’t have been more helpful, supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable.  I look forward to working with eFrog Press again to give some my out-of-print books a new life.

Ann Whitford Paul, author of 19 books for adults and children including Writing Picture Books: A hands-on guide from story creation to publication


A middle grade Civil War series

Shenandoah CoverWith eFrog Press, I have found the help I needed to publish Shenandoah, Daughter of the Stars. You can look for it this spring, first as an ebook and then in print version. I have received editing help, a beautiful cover design, and encouragement. eFrog Press also guided me through the process of acquiring the digital rights to publish My Brothers’ Keeper, my first Civil War book. My Brothers’ Keeper is now available as an ebook. I could not have done it without the expert advice and follow-through of Linda Scott and eFrog Press.

Nancy Johnson, author of My Brothers’ Keeper and A Sweet-Sounding Place.


A YA author learns to market her book

vertical._cropeFrog Press has been instrumental in helping me build my presence as an author both on the web and in other arenas, too. At our first meeting eFrog Press founder, L.C. Scott helped me to identify a few key target audiences including teachers, librarians and teens. From here she helped me craft a plan that included reorganizing my website, lining up speaking engagements at librarian and teacher association conferences, arranging school visits, creating a book trailer featured on YouTube and seeking out reviews for my novel. eFrog Press helped me put together and execute this multi tiered plan and the pay off has been incredible. I’m grateful for the support that eFrog Press has provided in helping me bring my novel to a much wider audience.

Janet Eoff Berend, author of Vertical

An astrologer learns to tweet

Humanus AstrologicusI’m an author, writer and poet who feels like a preschooler faced with peddling my wares through social media. My book designer referred me to Linda for coaching in this area and I’m so impressed with the effectiveness of her work with me. I’m now much more skilled in and actually having fun with Twitter which I had originally dismissed as the exclusive province of the permanently ADD. Through Linda’s patient coaching (there truly are no stupid questions with her) my exposure as an author and as an expert on my subject is exponentially increasing. Linda showed me how to work with social media to apply the success of “attraction rather than promotion” principle we author’s need to emphasize.


Two entrepreneurs write a national best seller

SOLD! A Proven Social Media Strategy for Generating Real Estate Leads“Linda Scott and her staff at eFrog Press were extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in the process of editing our self-published book. They were very communicative and readily available to assist and offer their invaluable experience in helping shape our manuscript into a reader friendly book which went on to become a #1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER. eFrog Press helped guide us with the organization of the book from the early stages of revision to the final stages of the copy editing where they focused on the professional use of grammar, spelling and referencing.”I’m an author, writer and poet who feels like a preschooler faced with peddling my wares through social media. My book designer referred me to Linda for coaching in this area and I’m so impressed with the effectiveness of her work with me. I’m now much more skilled in and actually having fun with Twitter which I had originally dismissed as the exclusive province of the permanently ADD. Through Linda’s patient coaching (there truly are no stupid questions with her) my exposure as an author and as an expert on my subject is exponentially increasing. Linda showed me how to work with social media to apply the success of “attraction rather than promotion” principle we author’s need to emphasize.

Scott Cameron Smith and Darren Tunstall, authors of SOLD! A Proven Social Media Strategy for Generating Real Estate Leads


Young Adult author used our book promotion services

The Pefect PullBeing a self-published author, you need support. I originally hired Linda because I wanted a teammate and someone who was plugged into the industry and had marketing knowledge. Linda has gone above and beyond my expectations. With her help I’ve had speaking engagements (and public speaking coaching!), I’m using Twitter more effectively,  I have a long-term marketing plan, and best of all, I have someone on my side who is smart and generous. Linda sincerely cares about her authors and also has that strong business sense. Hiring her has definitely helped me sell more copies and get more exposure, both locally and online.
 Lindsay Woolman, author of The Perfect Pull


Multicultural author worked with our editors, cover designer, print designer, photographer and book trailer producer

Unveiling by S. Woffington“When I met Linda, owner of eFrog Press, at the San Diego Writer’s Conference, I’d been considering the advantages of self-publishing my novel, Unveiling.  I would not settle for less than professional results, and I could not be more pleased with the personal, individualized service I received at eFrog.  Linda provided two top-notch line-editors to proof the manuscript, an artist who designed a cover that surpassed my expectations, an experienced print designer for the interior layout, a talented book trailer designer who crafted original music, and a photographer who took professional headshots.  This process took time and required a lot of decision-making on my part, but Linda made the checklist flow smoothly.  There were even times when I approved a font or design, and Linda asked me to consider changes for reasons I had not considered.  Linda, too, expected professional results.  Finally, the pricing for services were fair and competitive and worth every penny.  I would use this company again and I highly recommend eFrog Press to others.”

S. Woffington, author of Unveiling

A Traditionally Published Author self published her YA novel for teens

Sexted! A young adult novel“I used eFrog Press for the recent publication of my young adult novel Sexted! and have been very pleased with their services. Linda Scott and the rest of her staff are exceedingly accommodating and went above and beyond to ensure excellent editing and to make certain Sexted! got a cover both tantalizing and attractive.
For those of us who have previously published books with the reassuring support and backup of a traditional publishing house, self-publishing an original manuscript can be an experience filled with trepidation. eFrog made the actual nuts and bolts of the business a relatively painless experience for me.”
Karen Mueller Coombs, author of Sexted!

An Australian novelist discusses our formatting services

The Wedding Shroud“The task of formatting documents to meet the varying conversion criteria for KDP [Amazon Direct Publishing] and Smashwords proved far beyond my capabilities. Efrog Press was able to deal with all requirements and produce a professional version for Kindle very efficiently. They were also patient in dealing with my requests to alter various styles and worked extremely hard to solve some niggling problems with the Smashwords version as a result.

Efrog’s effectiveness was not hindered even though I live on the opposite end of the world. By accessing my accounts directly (with my permission) any lag due to differing time zones was eliminated, and any issues dealt with as soon as possible.  The worry and burden of venturing into self publishing was very much eased by using their services.”

Elisabeth Storrs, Author of The Wedding Shroud: A tale of ancient Rome

Read what one client had to say about our editing services

A Sensible Lady“I knew I had to switch from traditional publishing to e-publishing, but I was stymied. I needed a professional editor who would catch all the glitches that no amount of my self-editing would ever catch. But where to find one? I loved my characters too much to launch them in a poorly edited book. eFrog Press provided exactly the editor I needed.”Judith Lown, author of A Match for Lady Constance (published traditionally by Avalon) and A Sensible Lady: A Traditional Regency Romance


A traditionally published children’s author comments on our ebook publishing process

Barbara McClintock“As writers reach into this new age of publishing, eFrog Press links high technical expertise with strong people skills to ensure that e-publishing is a comfortable, unintimidating process. The team includes artists, copy and content editors, a social media consultant and a video producer with years of experience in their fields who offer everything from cover art, interior format design, copy editing, and developmental editing, and social media marketing advice. eFrog Press takes care of all the details to create top-quality custom books for ereaders, so writers can do what they do best—write!”

Edith Hope Fine, children’s author

Author of out-of-print title pleased with wider ebook audience

“A new generation of readers can once again experience the scent of “Lilacs” thanks to eFrog Press who has taken my out-of-print collection of short stories and republished them as an easily accessible ebook. The best part is I did not need to worry about scanning, ebook files, or anything technical! eFrog Press widened my audience.”

Frank Barone, author, Lilacs and Other Stories

A nonfiction author shares his experience

The Giant African Bullfrong“[The] team at proved invaluable in guiding us in our first attempt at ebook publishing. The wide range of top-quality services she offers for prospective authors cannot be recommended enough.”

Philippe de Vosjoli, pioneering herpetoculturist and author of dozens of traditionally published books and his first ebook, Giant African Bullfrongs: Life History and Captive Husbandry.