Turn Your Out-of-Print Books into Ebooks

Mark Coker, Smashwords’ founder and a leader in the e-publishing revolution, calls out-of-print titles “zombie books” because they can find new life in the eternal online bookshelves as ebooks.* If you have stacks of your books in boxes in your garage, let us breathe new life into these titles and convert them to ebooks.

Special Services for Out-of-Print Books:

  • Scanning pages with OCR (optical character recognition) software
  • Proofreading for weird little characters that slip through the scan process
  • Formatting file for popular ereader formats

What do You Need to Do?

  • Confirm that you have all the rights to your out-of-print book
  • De-spine one of your copies (any copy center can do this for you)
  • Contact us for an estimate 
  • Mail us your pages and let the transformation begin

Don’t let your books mildew in the garage–transform them into ebooks and find new readers online!  Remember, ebooks are forever.

eFrog Press can help you create ebooks

Contact us and let’s get started!


*Mark Coker explained his “zombie books” expression in his keynote address, “The New World of Publishing,” at the San Diego Writers’ Conference, January 29, 2012.