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Editing Services

Developmental Editing: A traditionally published book typically is edited at least five times. First, the author works with a developmental editor to flesh out ideas, develop the plot and reshape characters. In a non-fiction title, developmental editing may focus on organization, development of concepts, and areas needing clarification. If seasoned authors work closely with an editor,  it is no surprise that new authors following the indie route also need similar intense attention for their manuscripts. Such focus can help you cut away the deadwood in your manuscript and allow the best prose to shine through. Writers are often too close to their own writing be able to see the problems until a seasoned editor points out the issues.

Copy Editing: Once your manuscript has been revised, it is time for copy editing. It is almost impossible for you to find your own grammatical errors or vague word choices because you know exactly what you mean. An impartial copy editor can polish your manuscript and move it from good to great.

Proofreading: Finally, the manuscript needs a cold read by a different editor with an eagle eye. Sure your neighbor may have been an English major but this final step is the one writers too often neglect—proofreading! Typos, weird formatting characters, blank pages, and spelling errors can result in poor reviews for your book. New readers intrigued by your book description will stop reading after a few glaring errors.

Don’t let errors come between you and your new readers! We offer affordable proofreading for our authors because we know it will give your book that professional edge.

Cover Design

An ebook cover may be even more important than a print cover.  With a small investment you can have a professionally designed cover that helps to market your book. You want a cover that stands out with a title that is easy to read. The art should reflect the tone of the book and intrigue the reader. We offer two levels of book design so your cover can fit your budget.

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