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The Grammar PatrolWe (Edith Hope Fine and Judith Josephson) are the Grammar Patrol. Both of us taught for years and are now writers, with thirty plus books between us, including our two popular grammar guides, Nitty-Gritty Grammar and More Nitty-Gritty Grammar. For close to twenty years, we taught writing and grammar basics and now we blog about grammar for writers.


Take Your Seats, Class! 2015 Pop Quiz!

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The year’s almost over . . . time to show your grammar gusto.

Take this pop quiz, a quick review of our 2015 topics and examples from the “ticker tapes” found at the bottom of each page in our Nitty-Gritty Grammar guides. With you’re/your A+ score, you can become the Grammar Patrol quizmaster with friends, family, colleagues, or students.


1. This is _________: “Ew! This cooking oil is as smelly as old socks.”

A. a metaphor

B. a simile


2. _________ disturbing to find this error in our favorite newspaper.

A. Its

B. It’s


3. Hugh wished his telephone had _________

A. rung

B. rang


4.  Cory and _________ use gargoyles for garden gnomes.

A.  I

B.  me


5.  Please turn in the reports to Stan or_________

A.  myself

B.  me


6. Our dog wagged _________ tail when served Greenies tooth chews.

A. Its

B. It’s


7.  Are stocks more _________ than Blackjack?

A.  risky

B.  riskier


8.  Thor _________ care less about Drusilda’s hairdo.

A.  couldn’t

B.  could


9. _________ Pekingese terrifies my Rottweiler.

A.  Your

B.  You’re


10. The verdict was announced by the jury.

A. The verb is active.

B. The verb is passive.


How to Sign Your Holiday Cards

Before you discover how you did, may we remind you about signing your holiday cards?

Not . . .

Best from the Fine’s and Josephson’s


Best from the Fines’ and Josephsons’


Use this:

Best from the Fines and Josephsons



Okay—the answers. Check your own grammar gusto score!

1.  B

2.  B

3.  A

4.  A

5.  B

6.  A

7.  A

8.  A

9.  A

10.  B


Fun Grammar Books—Really!

Need a perfect gift for an author friend? Check our zany Nitty-Gritty Grammar and More Nitty-Gritty Grammar guides (Random House), loaded with cartoons, tips, and blooper pitfalls. And send us bloopers you hear or see. As always, we love hearing from you. Happy Holidays from the Grammar Patrol!

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