Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Write a Book?

Want to publish in 2015? The hardest part of writing is sitting down to do it.

As owner of eFrog Press, I often meet people who confess that they have always wanted to write a book, and some even have a few pages stashed away, yet have never realized that goal. The difference between those who actually write a book and those who want to write one is not talent or time. The difference is actually writing.

One eFrog press author also drives a limousine, leaving him with a lot of down time while he waits for clients. He writes on his iPhone while sitting in his vehicle. Time well spent! He completed a manuscript last year and is now is the revision process.

When to Write

Writing at workAre you a morning person or does your imagination come alive as the sun goes down? Choose the best time slot available in your schedule and block out at least two hours per week for writing. The two hours does not include getting up to boil water for tea, updating Facebook (even if it’s your author page), or bathroom breaks. You must be seated and producing text for 120 minutes—preferably consecutive minutes.

How you write doesn’t matter. I mostly compose in Microsoft Word but switch to a pencil and yellow legal pad if I’m struggling. Others love Scrivener or prefer to write with a gel pen. The important thing is to keep writing. Prefer to compose while standing? Whatever works for you is fine.

Writer’s block? (Look for an upcoming post addressing how to conquer this obstacle!) Get started and stay focused for 120 minutes. You may struggle to write anything worthwhile at first but hang in there. The second hour may be your breakthrough.

After four weeks of regular writing (480 minutes total), consider adding another writing block to your week. The only way you will ever complete your book is by putting in the time. The more time you invest, the quicker the book will be done.

Where to Write

Think carefully about your location. If you choose the kitchen table at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, will other family members likely need the space for breakfast? If you plan to use your home office desk, will the stacks of bills and blinking voice mail messages distract you? Find a quiet place to work with few distractions and turn off your wireless access on your computer so social media and email do not fight for your attention. Put your cell phone on mute and commit to staying put until your time is up.

Publishing a book need not wait until you retire and have more time. If writing a book is important to you, carve out the time and space now and make it happen.

Share Your Time and Space

When and where do you write?


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