The Unknown Reader Signs Off Sharing Ereader Tips for Travel

eFrog Press has been honored to post the monthly musings of The Unknown Reader. After all, where would writers be without readers? However, our Unknown Reader has increased her travel schedule and can no longer expound regularly about ereaders and ebooks. Since no one has ever seen her face, perhaps we could use a stand in who is equally passionate about ebooks. If you would like to audition to fill in for The Unknown Reader, please send your blog post ideas via the eFrog Press Form. We will protect your identity!

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Have Ereader, Will Travel

Crash! Bang! Flash! Those were the sounds we heard as our plane took off from San Salvador airport in the midst of a hellacious thunder and lightening storm. It was at that moment I found yet another unexpected use for my Kindle—an adult pacifier! As the plane taxied down the runway in a torrential downpour, I held onto my Kindle as if it were my lifeline! It withstood an immeasurable pounds-per-square-inch human grasp and allowed me to channel all of my “fear factor energy” onto its small surface. The first portion of the flight was equivalent to being on the world’s bumpiest roller coaster. My Kindle permitted me to become distracted as I read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

The Unknown Reader takes a reading break after hiking to Machu Picchu

Yes, we survived the flight and returned with rich, vivid memories and life-altering experiences from our summer travels. We developed a deep admiration for the Inca civilization and the Quechua people, who taught us so much about Peru’s rich yet tragic history. The Galapagos was also an exhilarating experience. To swim with sea lions, penguins, and marine iguanas is quite simply indescribable. The Galapagos is a photographer’s paradise and we have over 6,000 digital pictures to prove it!

My Kindle is now filled with the names and emails of many new friends we met while exploring Peru and Ecuador. I suspect I also inspired quite a few people to add an ereader to their travel “must haves” as they watched me retrieve information or add a notation on my own ereader.

After returning from this extensive trip I have decided to put my energy into photography, volunteering at a local wildlife museum, and, most importantly, coordinating an effort to assist one of the Quechua porters who carried our gear on the Inca Trail. My husband and I want to secure the funds so 64-year-old Mario can have cataract surgery. He needs to be able to visually soak in the beauty of his homeland—a land and a people we have grown to love.  It is also time to begin planning next summer’s adventure—cycling from Prague to the North Sea. My plate is full, so this will be my last Unknown Reader entry. I wish you safe travels and encourage you to leave room in your satchel for your ereader.

Fond Farewell

Help us bid a fond farewell to The Unknown Reader who has dazzled us with her travels and her inventive use of her Kindle ereader. Before she goes off  into the sunset she would love to know how your ereader has added to the quality of your life either on an exotic trip or in the comfort of your own home. Please share.

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