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The Unknown Reader reading on an iPadBeing a Virgo, organization tools simply make me salivate!  The Kindle application Notepad put me into a complete trip-planning frenzy and has proven to be my absolute favorite “must have” application on my Kindle. Best of all, it can be purchased for just $.99 on Amazon! I have loaded this user-friendly program with all sorts of information that I can quickly access while traveling.

My husband and I travel for extended lengths of time, so the weight factor is always critical.  If you have ever taken the time to weigh the vast piles of papers that mysteriously end up in your traveling gear, you will appreciate my suggestions for using the Notepad application for the Kindle.

Contact information for new friends on scraps of paperIn Notepad, each topic is a standalone page. I entered postcard addresses on one page and now have that information with me on every trip. I also generate notes specific to each trip—travel options, suggested restaurants, and places to stay. I keep our passport numbers, flight itinerary, hostel/hotel confirmation numbers, and other critical information stored on a note page entitled Important Information.

WARNING: Password protect your ebook for security reasons.

Traveling with friends in BotswanaOne of the joys of traveling is meeting fellow travelers and establishing relationships with local people.  We have developed many treasured friendships and have even traveled with some of these new friends to other destinations. However, in the past, after returning from many of our trips we were rather distraught to discover we had misplaced a little slip of paper that contained the name and address of a newly cultivated friendship. It was very disheartening to know we would never be able to contact them again. The Notebook application has solved this problem. Now when we exchange information with people I whip out my Kindle, click on Notebook, and open up to the note page entitled Friends & Fellow Travelers to enter our new acquaintances’ information.

As a writer, I am often pleasantly bombarded with ideas while traveling. In the past I had to stop, dig out my journal, search for a pen, and then capture my thoughts. To simplify this process I have created a note page entitled Musings and now I quickly jot down those refreshingly random thoughts that pop into my head in the Notebook application.  I always place my Kindle in a very strategic location—the top of my daypack, inside my purse, or on the top of my bike pannier—for quick retrieval. I also use Notepad to add a quick entry that I want to include in our travel journal. The note is saved with the date embedded, so when I am journaling I do not have to wonder when that happened—I have the exact date!

The publisher of Notepad offers an informative video that walks you through the various features of this application. There are also excellent step-by-step directions on how to transfer your notes from Notepad to your PC or Mac.

In my next month’s blog I will share how we have loaded our Kindles with a few more tools and ebooks to enhance our upcoming trek to Ecuador and Peru. Happy Reading and Happy Travels!

Share some of the creative ways you use your ereader in your travels.

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